Dive Into the New Age of Weighing Solutions

How We Integrate With Any Of Your Weighing Systems. 

Our Services

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Complete Manufactured Weighing Solutions

At R&D weighing, we provide complete manufacturing of weighing systems, including the framework. We understand the importance of mechanical functionality. That is why we ensure effective and accurate mechanical structure support & weighing solutions


Monthly Service Level Agreement's

We understand the importance of having a plant that produces the maximum it possibly can. We guarantee that and include the legal aspect to ensure everything is at your fingertips.

We provide complete SLA's under your weighing portfolio to ensure accurate output. 

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Custom Software Solutions 

Custom Software that "Branched Out" into your required platform. Our goal is to ensure anyone can have a solution that they write and grow. We ensure functionality is included and ensure we provide accurate reporting for your company. 


Load Cells

We only suggest the best load cells for your application. We have a range of load cells & accessories in very high accuracies and capacities; with this, we can accommodate any of your weighing needs.


Weighing Instrumentation & Transmitters

Accurate ratio metric instrumentation to accommodate any of your weighing requirements. We integrate with existing PLCs and systems to ensure you do not lose any production. In addition, our instrumentation provides a wide range of protocols to accomodate any need.