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Simplified, Modern, and Interactive
Silo Software.

  • Live Visual Indication

  • Vehicle allocation

  • Pre-Planned Deliveries on Low Levels

  • Fast and Efficient Data Entry

  • Multiple Sites & Silos 

  • Real-time Management Reporting

  • Orders & Transactions

  • User Rights & Audit trail on Sensitive Information

Reasons to Buy

Executive Dashboards

Our executive dashboard's contain high-level information for leadership to easily make decisions based on their companies performance. 


We deploy it exactly to your workflow needs, have it simplified or automated to make it work for you. 

Affordable Pricing

Thanks to the intuitive design of our platform, we are able to work fast and efficiently to keeping development costs low.


We try our best to meet our respected clients exact needs, that is why we offer a 60 hour custom development on your Skyris app. 

Cloud based

This is not as scary as you think, we have multiple backup solutions to ensure you are not affected by outages. 

Cross -Platform 

Log in to your web-app from any PC, tablet or smartphone. Our platform is specifically designed to scale across any screen on any operating system.


Our modular solutions allow for a fast, flexible, and scalable deployment, we also take future deployments into account ensuring smooth integration.

24/7 Support

With modern environments evolving, we understand that not everything can be managed in house.